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Pumpkin - Comfort Cut

Pumpkin - Comfort Cut

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Comfort Cut Headbands was the first product we ever created. Designed with sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric to hug your head in all the right places for a comfortable fit. It’s a breathable single layer to keep you cool and dry, making it the perfect hair accessory for the sweat-prone fitness junkies. PRO FIT TIP: There are multiple ways to wear your Comfort Cut Headbands! For the best non-slip fit, we recommend you wear them slightly down on your forehead, about 1/4 inch above the eyebrow and directly covering the hair line. BENEFITS: Non-slip, Moisture-wicking, sweat absorbent, cool to the touch, headache-free and hair dent-free FEATURES: UVA and UVB Protection, SPF 25, color fade resistant HAIR TYPE: short, long, curly, straight, all hair types CARE: Wash on normal or delicate setting, use low-medium heat, or lay flat to dry.

  • BENEFITS: single layer fabric, removes sweat from eyes and face, comfortable fit without slipping off, head thermoregulation
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY SPORT OR ACTIVITY: perfect for running, working out, yoga, exercise & fitness, gym, crossfit, basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, barre, gardening, roller skating, dance, any anytime you need your hair out of the way.!
  • PREMIUM FABRIC: All Season Technology - sweat absorption, moisture wicking, quick dry, lightweight and natural soft feel
  • ULTIMATE HEADWEAR: easy wash, retain form, elasticity and color
  • BOOSTS YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE AND PERFORMANCE: Did you know you can say goodbye to slippery, low moisture wicking headbands? Our product not only has thermoregulation properties, but is also non-slip and high sweat-absorbent, which makes you worry free while performing and boosts your confidence

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