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    My name is Alix and I’m the founder, and designer at!

    I’m a southern girl, born and raised in Atlanta. Now I live in Huntsville, Alabama with my amazing husband Phil, my 2 year old, Vin, and my crazy dog, Pedro.

    Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved art, color and style. After studying fashion design in San Francisco, I returned to the south looking for a way to combine my creativity with my other passion…fitness.

    I’m at my happiest when I’m in the gym working out with my friends; or outdoors hiking, running, kayaking or playing at the lake with my family. This energetic lifestyle is what led me to start Fitness Fox.

    During my crazy daily work-outs I was having huge problems keeping hair and sweat (yes, southern girls do sweat) out of my face. It was so annoying. I tried using different kinds of headbands, hats, hair-ties or whatever. But they were uncomfortable, they slipped off my head, and didn’t really solve the problem, or worst of all…they were ugly.

    I started experimenting with different ideas and materials and finally came up with what seemed like the perfect headband. It was comfortable, absorbent, dried quickly, and was actually fun to wear. I made a bunch for myself using bold colors and fun prints. The headbands got lots of compliments and my work-out buddies started asking for them. In November of 2014 I started selling them on Etsy.

    Soon, we started the Fitness Fox® brand on our own website and things have really taken off. Already we have customers all over the world. When I think of all those wonderful people getting fit in Fitness Fox® Headbands…well, it’s hard to wrap my head around!!

    All Fitness Fox® headbands are cut and sewn by me! We even source our fabric from California, and have it printed in North Carolina. My family and I are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service imaginable. All of our products are proudly hand-crafted right here in our home! With your purchase from Fitness Fox®, you are helping my family to put food on the table. We sincerely appreciate you supporting our small business!

    Browse through and check out hundreds of great patterns and styles. I bet you’ll find just the headbands to match your workouts, sports, passions and personality.