Our Story


Fitness Fox was created by our founder Alix in 2014. After many frustrating days trying to find a solution for her hair during workouts, she decided to start experimenting on her own. Some trial and error later, she created something that was perfect.  It was comfortable, absorbent, dried quickly, and was actually fun to wear! The headbands got lots of compliments and work-out buddies started asking for them. In November of 2014 she opened an Etsy shop.

Soon, she started the Fitness Fox® brand on it's own website and things have really taken off. Already we have customers all over the world. When I think of all those wonderful people getting fit in Fitness Fox® Headbands…well, it’s hard to wrap my head around!!

My name is Judi and I became the shop owner in Feb. 2022. I am excited to keep building the brand and continue to provide fun headbands that perform well.

All Fitness Fox® headbands are cut and sewn by us!! We source our fabric from California, and have it printed in North Carolina. My family and I are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service imaginable. All of our products are proudly hand-crafted right here in North AL! With your purchase from Fitness Fox®, you are helping my family to put food on the table. We sincerely appreciate you supporting our small business!

Browse through FitnessFoxHeadbands.com and check out hundreds of great patterns and styles. I bet you’ll find just the headbands to match your workouts, sports, passions and personality. And if you have a print suggestion, drop us a message!

~ Judi