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    Comfort Cut Headbands

    Our original Comfort Cut Headbands are the bread and butter of Fitness Fox! These headbands are our most popular headbands to- date. In fact, we have sold over 250,000 headbands over the last year. The Comfort Cut Headbands have raw,  precision edges that liberate your hair and skin from dents, creases, and irritation. They are made of a soft, single layer of Quad-Flex Lycra for a balanced, lightweight, headache free fit. They are super sweat-absorbent and machine washable. 

    HOW TO WEAR: While you can wear your headbands any way you choose, for a slip-resistant fit, we suggest you wear it just 1/4 inch above the eyebrow, over the hairline, and over the tops of your ears.