How to Build the Ultimate (Fitness) Easter Basket

How to Build the Ultimate (Fitness) Easter Basket

Easter is awesome. It's always been one of my favorite holidays. My Easter basket, cheerfully filled with pastel colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, and the endless bowl jelly beans, guarantees my sky high sugar rage and inevitable afternoon Easter coma. But what if I can skip the sugar high and get a kick-butt, delicious and workout motivating Easter basket instead? Here's a perfect way to treat a friend, family member or even yourself to all the fun and color of Easter and the motivation for bikini season.

FlapJacked Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Let's be serious, everyone loves pancakes. And these pancakes are the bomb dot com. But you know what's even more awesome? These pancakes are power packed with 20 grams of protein per serving. FlapJacked Pancakes are a healthy alternative the handful (or two) of Cadbury Egg Minis you'll be reaching for. Treat your family to an awesome muscle boosting breakfast instead. Oh, and they sell protein muffin mix, too.

Daily Burn Monthly Subscription

This isn't a physical product and it won't fit in your basket but it will get you a sweaty workout. The Daily Burn is like Netflix for workouts. Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, kickboxing, ab workouts, stretch classes, mommy-to-be fitness and more can be found on this awesome, and now addicting, app. You can use it on the go on your smart phone or tablet. Or, you can use it like I do every morning on your Apple TV. The best part is, it's only $12 per month!

Klean Kanteen Canisters

Klean Kanteen isn't just for your water! The brand also makes stainless steel food canisters — eight ounces ($18) or 16 ounces ($22). BPA free, eco-friendly, leakproof, airtight, and shatterproof, they're perfect for anyone's snacking needs, from dry foods like trail mix to wet foods like yogurt.

PiperWai Natural Deodorant

Two friends were inspired to create Piperwai Natural Deodorant after reading up on the harmful effects conventional deodorants may have. Handcrafted in a community kitchen in Philadelphia, the deodorant claims to be free of harmful chemicals and especially perfect for very sensitive skin. The ingredients definitely sound all natural, mixing essential oils, shea butter, cocoa, vitamin E and charcoal. Now available for $11.99 on

Fitness Fox Headbands (of course)

Let's face it, headbands can be more of a headache than a help. They fall off your head, they leave ugly dents in your hair and they can leave you with a migraine when you leave them on for an extended period of time. Fitness Fox Headbands is the perfect solution to your headband drama. These headbands are as cute as they are tough. With over 200 prints and colors you are sure to find the perfect headband collection for you. They are light weight, sweat absorbent, machine washable, and they keep those naughty baby hairs out of your face. They leave your hair dent-free with absolutely no trace of a headache. Happy Easter!



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