Customer Testimonial: Mel Bellflower

Customer Testimonial: Mel Bellflower

Mel Bellflower is the owner & fitness blogger She is a Certified Personal Trainer, and has made it my life mission to help everyone I come in contact with become the best versions of themselves. She loves helping people and their health and fitness journeys and find their inner strength. 

Last month, Mel wrote an amazing blog post about her struggle with short hair and her her found love of Fitness Fox Headbands. She writes:

"These things are amazing. They are super comfortable, cute and have amazing wear ability. During a though workout they keep all that sweat from rolling down your face and ALWAYS stay in place. Personally I have very fine hair that dents and creases very easily. The headbands claim to leave no dents but I couldn't believe it when there really were NO DENTS in my hair. Plus as if that wasn't reason enough to try them; they are a small woman ran business (you know how I love my #girlbosses)."

We can't thank Mel enough for the kind words and rave review. She continues with notes on her personal style when she's not working hard at the gym:

"You can wear them all the time and in so many different ways. I even wear them on casual days as just a regular headband. With countless designs and colors they fit everyone's style and look."

You can work with Melissa (and see her headbands in action) over on her website, There, you can find information on personal training session, nutrition plans and fitness blog.


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